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A Tissue Regeneration Company

Derma Sciences is a Tissue Regeneration Company at the forefront of research and innovation for the management of acute and chronic wounds, and burns. The products we bring to the market are in the best tradition of evidence-based medicine helping clinicians, around the world, improve clinical outcomes. We are proud to bring you these innovations and are committed to your cause.

With you in mind, our portfolio has grown to provide clinicians with solutions to assist with tissue regeneration - from the start of a wound through to wound closure. From MEDIHONEY®, to XTRASORB®, to BIOGUARD®, ALGICELL® Ag, TCC-EZ® and now, AMNIOEXCEL® and AMNIOMATRIX®, our intelligent, evidence-based products help to advance healing for patients suffering from complex chronic or acute wounds more

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Our mission is to provide you with superior products that address every stage of your patients’ therapy and the educational support to make best practice decisions for your patients’ wound care more

Derma Sciences to Acquire BioD

Derma Sciences, Inc. Acquires BioD
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Derma Sciences to Acquire BioD, Solidify Its Leadership Position in Advanced Wound Care and Regenerative Products. BioD is a privately held company engaged in the development and commercialization of novel proprietary regenerative medicine more