About Derma Sciences Inc.

Tissue Regeneration in Wound Care Across the Spectrum

Derma Sciences is a Tissue Regeneration Company at the forefront of research and innovation for the management of acute and chronic wounds, and burns. The products we bring to the market are in the best tradition of evidence-based medicine, helping clinicians around the world improve clinical outcomes.

With you in mind, our portfolio has grown to provide clinicians with solutions to assist with tissue regeneration - from the start of a wound through to wound closure. From MEDIHONEY®, to XTRASORB®, to BIOGUARD®, ALGICELL® Ag, TCC-EZ® and now, AMNIOEXCEL® and AMNIOMATRIX®, our intelligent, evidence-based products help to advance healing for patients suffering from complex chronic or acute wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, pressure ulcers and burns.

Company Highlights

New Clinical Guidelines to Off-Load & Help Heal Diabetic Foot Ulcers - 27 March 2015

On these recorded webcasts you will hear from leaders in wound care about the latest evidence to treat and manage Diabetic Foot Ulcers. The speakers include Dr. Armstrong, Dr. Snyder and Dr. Applewhite.

Two Duryea natives win Derma Sciences' top awards at global sales conference - 5 March 2015

Two natives of Duryea, both Pittston Area graduates, were honored recently by the company they work for, Derma Sciences, a Princeton, New Jersey-based company that does business globally. Two of the top awards presented by the company are the “Employee of the Year” and “Sales Rep of the Year.” Marcy Turkos was named “Employee of the Year,” and John Borthwick earned “Sales Rep of the Year.”

Treating Pressure Ulcers: When, How and What to expect when using MEDIHONEY® and the primary topical intervention - 29 January 2015

View the latest MEDIHONEY® Power Webinar with presenter Peg Manochi, RN, BSN, WCC, CWCN, Clinical Field Specialist for Derma Sciences, for a 30 minute case review focusing on MEDIHONEY® for the treatment and healing of pressure sores.

Derma Sciences Expands Access of its AMNIOTIC TISSUE Product Line with New Premier, Inc. Agreement - 22 January 2015

Derma Sciences, Inc. a tissue regeneration company focused on advanced wound care, announces that AMNIOEXCEL® and AMNIOMATRIX®, amniotic allografts derived from placental tissues, have been added to the Premier, Inc. Regenerative Skin Grafting contract portfolio.

New 2015 payment rate for TCC EZ®, MedE-Kast® and MedE-Kast® Ultra - 5 January 2015

The 2015 Medicare National Average Hospital Outpatient Payment associated with the application of TCC-EZ®, MedE-Kast® and MedE-Kast® Ultra is $223.20 (CPT® Procedure Code 29445), representing an increase of 61%, compared with the 2014 Medicare National Average Payment of $138.31.

New Guidelines Stress Need for Diabetic Foot Ulcer Offloading - 26 December 2014

Offloading is essential to diabetic foot ulcer healing, according to new podiatry consensus guidelines. The guidance also makes clear that total contact casting — not shoe gear or removable casts — is the optimal offloading method.

Giving new life to patient centered care – Using best practices to optimize outcomes with a novel Amniotic Tissue - 20 November 2014

Derma Sciences exhibited the AMNIO line of products & TCC-EZ® at the Desert Foot conference (November 19-21, 2014), which was a VA/DOD focus conference. Derma Sciences sponsored a symposium and a workshop. The Desert Foot Conference was in Phoenix, AZ on November 19-21, 2014.

The Impact of MEDIHONEY® on Deep Partial Thickness Burns. - 11 November 2014

Deep partial thickness burns present unique challenges to the burn care team. The patient may not be an ideal candidate for surgery, or excision and grafting may not be preferred out of concern for adverse cosmetic outcomes or functional compromise. Dr. Aballay, a Burn Surgeon and Medical Director, will review such challenging cases and examine where MEDIHONEY® has been instrumental in meeting these clinical needs.

Derma Sciences Gives Back: 2nd Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Event - 24 October 2014

Breast cancer can hit anyone at any time and I’m sure everyone of us has known someone who is a breast cancer survivor or someone who unfortunately has not survived this dreadful disease. My mom had breast cancer and she survived 5 years. Unfortunately, her breast cancer came back and she passed away at the age of 53 within months of her second diagnoses.

Battling "Opportunistic" Pathogens and Infections? View BIOGUARD® Power Webinar - 22 October 2014

Infection rates are staggering, continue to challenge the health care system and have been shown to increase mortality, hospital readmission rates, length of stay (LOS) and overall healthcare expenditures.
During this educational webinar, Dr. Karen Zulkowski, DNS, RN, Montana State University will discuss the potential causes of opportunistic pathogens and how they can cause disruption to healthy wound healing.