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powerful antimicrobial strength and superior absorption that’s highly cost effective

About Algicell® Ag

Antimicrobial silver dressings in absorbent/gelling formats have become the leading category of “active” moist wound dressings worldwide. Our key offering in this space, ALGICELL® Ag, provides caregivers with an alternative to the market leading brand that delivers superior performance at a more cost-effective price level. The dressing that compares favorably on ionic silver content level and delivery method, has a preferable gelling profile, and has superior absorption capabilities.

Significantly, because latex-free ALGICELL® Ag is priced in line with reimbursement levels, caregivers can now choose the most appropriate dressing for their patients more often.

ALGICELL® Ag provides 1.4% silver – delivered via a sophisticated ionic transfer technology. The net effect is a controlled and sustained release of antimicrobial silver that provides a durable 7-day effect within the dressing.

Algicell® Ag products