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dehydrated human amnion-derived tissue allograft with intact extracellular matrix


Giving New Life to Complex Wounds

AMNIOEXCEL® Amniotic Allograft Membrane is a novel human placental-based tissue product. The membrane forms a protective covering over the wound while providing the key components found in human amnion including an intact ECM (extracellular matrix), cytokines and other growth factors. It easily integrates into the wound and helps provide the optimal environment to repair, reconstruct and replace wound tissue.

AMNIOEXCEL® is a minimally manipulated amniotic membrane donated by pre-screened mothers during planned C-sections. The membrane is dehydrated using the proprietary DryFlex process which keeps the tissue intact and malleable, gives it a five year shelf life at room temperature and retains the key components of human amnion. It is intended for homologous use as a wound covering to aid in closing chronic wounds.

Multicenter RCT demonstrates AMNIOEXCEL® + SOC significantly increases closure of chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers

a next generation amniotic allograft suspension


AMNIOMATRIX® is a cryopreserved suspension allograft derived from the amniotic membrane and components of the amniotic fluid. It is cryopreserved using the patented CryoPrime processing method that preserves the structural properties of the collagen, cytokines, growth factors, ECM and viable cellular materials. The liquid based suspension is especially suited to help repair wounds where membrane products might not be as effective (i.e. tunneling or deep wounds). AMNIOMATRIX® is intended for homologous use to help supplement the recipient’s tissue and aid in the closing of chronic wounds.

Amniotic Tissue Products

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