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AMNIOEXCEL® Is Now Available on the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS)

AMNIOEXCEL<sup>®</sup> Is Now Available on the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS)

AMNIOEXCEL® Is Now Available on the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS)

Contract #V797P - 2000D

Amnioexcel available on FSS
Princeton, New Jersey

The Extracellular Advantage
AMNIOEXCEL® is a dehydrated human amnion-derived tissue allograft with intact extracellular matrix that provides structural tissue to advance soft tissue repair, replacement and reconstruction. AMNIOEXCEL® has "All You Need" to facilitate healing and support weakened and compromised tissue.

AMNIOEXCEL® is a human amnion membrane composed of an epithelial layer, basement membrane and compact layer. This extracellular matrix is fully resorbable and provides a natural option to advance soft tissue repair through the reconstruction and replacement process of healing.

AMNIOEXCEL® is minimally manipulated to retain the important structure and components of the tissue, including growth factors such as FGF, IGF and VEGF.


  • Immune privileged
  • Natural alternative to synthetic or cadaveric derived regenerative medicine products
  • Tissue recovered from live, healthy donors during routine cesarean childbirth
  • Donor selection, tissue recovery and processing protocols and procedures meet or exceed all applicable industry standards
  • Ethical pricing

Convenience in the OR or Clinic

  • Available in all of the right sizes to fit your needs
  • May be applied directly to wound or surgical site
  • Dehydrated using our patent pending DryFlex® processing technology for a highly malleable and conformable product providing intimate contact with the wound bed and ease of application