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AMNIOEXCEL® Product Literature

Amniotic Tissue Product Literature



Detailed information on AMNIOEXCEL® including: The science behind the product, RCT data, clinical cases, cost savings information and ordering details.

AMNIOEXCEL Information Sheet

AMNIOEXCEL® Information Sheet

Educational information on our dehydrated human amnion-derived tissue allograft with intact extracellular matrix (ECM) for use in your patient care

Amnioexcel Case Series Compendium

Case Series Compendium

15 clinical cases covering many different wound types. They shows how AMNIOEXCEL® can work on some of the most complicated wounds. Some cases show combination therapy with AMNIOMATRIX® or TCC-EZ®.

Amnioexcel Patient Brochure

AMNIOEXCEL® Patient Brochure

As part of your plan of care, AMNIOEXCEL® can help to advance the soft tissue repair and heal your challenging wound



Summary sheet of the AMNIOEXCEL® RCT for the treatment of DFUs published in WOUNDS March 2016.

Amnioexcel Application Guide

AMNIOEXCEL® Application Guide

Step by Step Application instructions for the AMNIOEXCEL® Amniotic Allograft Membrane. Includes list of sizes and the reimbursement hotline information.



Shows all 11 sizes of AMNIOEXCEL® with ordering information. Also shows sizes and usage chart for AMNIOMATRIX®.

AMNIOMATRIX Information Sheet

AMNIOMATRIX® Information Sheet

Educational information on, AMNIOMATRIX® our human amniotic tissue derived from the components of the amniotic membrane and amniotic fluid for use in your patient care.

Amnioexcel IFU

AmnioExcel® IFU

Allograft Membrane Tissue Information and Product Preparation Insert.

Amniomatrix IFU

Amniomatrix® IFU

Allograft Suspension Tissue Information and Product Preparation Insert.

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