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Aquasite Hydrogels are useful for rehydrating sloughy or necrotic tissue and promoting autolytic debridement. Indicated for stage I-IV pressure sores, surgical incisions, thermal burns, cuts, abrasions, and venous ulcers.

Aquasite Hydrogel Dressing comes in a 1 oz novel Bellows tube, making precise application easier. Ideal for use to fill uneven and difficult to reach spaces.

Aqusite Impregnated Gauze Dressings incorporate our Aquasite Hydrogel into 100% Cotton USP Type VII gauze pads of various sizes. These dressings are ideal when a sterile moist packing for full thickness wounds is necessary.

Aquasite Hydrogel Sheet Dressings can be used as a cover over deep wounds, or as a primary dressing over partial thickness wounds. Patients like hydrogel sheets due to their cooling and soothing properties upon application.

Aquasite Hydrogel

Order Code Description Packaging unit/Case HCPCS
Aquasite® Amorphous       Aquasite Amorphous
81110 1 fl oz Bellows 12/case A6248
Aquasite® Impregnated Gauze – Sterile      
53022 2" x 2" 10/box, 4 boxes/case, 40/case A6231 Aquasite Impregnated Gauze – Sterile
53044 4" x 4" 10/box, 4 boxes/case, 40/case A6231
53048 4" x 8" 10/box, 4 boxes/case, 40/case A6232