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Stand Guard: Barrier protection against opportunistic pathogens including MRSA


BIOGUARD® Barrier Dressings have a cationic biocide - polyDADMAC - bound to the dressing substrate which acts as a physical barrier of protection against a broad spectrum of opportunistic pathogens including MRSA.

Don't just guard. BIOGUARD®

It's Non-leaching: BIOGUARD®'s active component is bound to the dressing substrate. It does not leach, causing a zone of inhibition on the dressing, which can lead to resistance or toxicity issues to healthy cells.7

It's Non-toxic: BIOGUARD® is able to provide >5-log kill of pathogens within the dressing without adversely affecting wound cells, which could otherwise delay wound healing.1

It's Non-resistant: BIOGUARD®'s active component polyDADMAC, has a high charge density and molecular weight - up to 100x larger than PHMB. Due to its size, bacteria do not develop resistance.7

Have confidence in BIOGUARD® Barrier Dressings for your patient care and protection against opportunistic pathogens and wound infection.

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