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BIOGUARD® Evidence

Adoption of antimicrobial gauze bandages for standard use in heavily exudating wounds.

Bernd Liesenfeld1*, David Moore1, Robert Nappo2, Lisa Youngblood2, Gregory Schultz1, 3
1 Shands at the University of Florida, 2 Quick-Med Technologies, 3 University of Florida, * Corresponding Author
The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care, Spring 2012 IR-26


Gauze bandages and pads are commonly used as dressings for patients with large wounds. A disadvantage of traditional gauze bandages is the absorption of exudate into the dressing. Exudate absorption often contributes to development of high levels of bacteria in the dressing. With plain cotton gauze, in order to maintain clean, non-contaminated dressings, dressing changes need to happen more frequently and can cause disruption to wound healing.

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With traditional gauze dressings, the burn unit staff was changing the dressings up to 3X per day. Even with these frequent dressing changes, there was continued evidence of bacterial fouling. (Figures 1 & 2)

Bioguard Evidence Case 1 Figure 1

Figure 1.

Bioguard Evidence Case 1 Figure 2

Figure 2.

Case 2 - Lower Extremity Graft Sites Managed with Bioguard

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  • BIOGUARD® dressing
  • Marketed decrease the incidence of bacterial fouling
  • Decreased frequency of dressing changes to daily
  • Practice changes led to fewer complications associated with contaminated gauze and better pain control
  • Additional benefits include:
    • Reduced exposure and discomfort during dressing changes
    • Reduced workload on the caregivers
    • Expressed satisfaction by clinician, patient and care giver with the reduction in bacterial fouling and odor
Case 2 figure 1
Bioguard Evidence Case 2 Figure 2
Bioguard Evidence Case 2 Figure 3

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These clinical results suggest that BIOGUARD® gauze bandages may prevent rapid bacterial growth in gauze dressings saturated with heavy exudates. The reduction in bacteria could lead to a decrease in the contamination of open wounds, as compared to standard dressings. Additional benefits of using BIOGUARD® gauze bandages may include reduced wound odor, frequency of dressing changes, and the spread of bacteria from fouled dressings between patients and clinical personnel.