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Consignment inventory is designed to make it more convenient for you, the customer, to have your supplies readily available. By having consignment inventory on hand, either in a stock room or secure office location, you can continue with patient care without interruption. The consignment program is simple and easy to administer.

You are not billed up front for the agreed consigned inventory. Billing takes place when the goods are actually consumed. This is advantageous for you as this allows inventory to be at the correct levels, number of units, number of sizes and having the ability to adjust over time without leaving the inventory shelves under or over stocked. Additionally, there is less money tied up in non-used stock. Replenishment of the consignment inventory is seamless where replenishments are re-stocked on a regular basis.

To participate or any questions around Derma Science’s consignment program speak with your sales representative or contact Derma Sciences at 800-825-4325.