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"Classic" Dressing


Xtrasorb Classic

For heavily and extra-heavily exuding wounds

XTRASORB® “Classic,” for highly (+) exuding wounds, is for those times when even a foam dressing is not capable of handling the level of fluid. The sachet-style dressing has a non-adherent contact layer to allow for atraumatic removal during dressing changes, and a strike-through protection layer on the outer facing side. Inside this sachet is a super-absorbent polymer fiber core. Once fluid enters the dressing and converts to a gel, very little can be released, even under compression. This makes the dressing ideal for use on leg ulcers, where compression bandages can be left in place for up to seven days, as well as on other wounds with copious wound fluid where minimizing dressing changes is a goal.

Relative absorption & retention following failure under compression1

Relative absorption & retention following failure under compression

Classic Dressing Capability

  • Flat edges conform well to healthy skin and facilitate application
  • Non-adherent wound contact layer prevents adhesion to the wound
  • Distribution layer absorbed exudate is evenly distributed and quickly conducted into absorbent core
  • Absorbent core with super-absorbent polymer fibers that absorb large quantities of wound exudate, forming a gel that binds and locks the exudate away from the wound
  • Blue strike-through protective outer layer protects clothing and bed sheets against soiling
Classic Xtrasorb Dressing Capability