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Foam Dressing



For moderately to heavily exuding wounds

XTRASORB® Foam provides a marked advancement to standard polyurethane foam dressings. The difference is on the outer facing portion of the dressing. Bonded to this side is a patented super-absorbent polymer (SAP) sheet. Through a strong osmotic pull, this sheet takes fluid that enters the foam and wicks it to the back of the dressing, converting it to a gel. This locks fluid away from the wound bed, decreasing the risk of maceration and decreasing the time that wound fluid and its components (including MMPs) are in contact with the wound and surrounding skin. The dressing itself can absorb more than twice the fluid over the market-leading foam dressings, and retains a significant amount of the fluid within the dressing, even under compression. Other polyurethane foams act like sponges, allowing fluid to push back into the wound under compression.