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Reimbursement Alert On MEDIHONEY Products!

Reimbursement Alert On MEDIHONEY Products!

Reimbursement Alert On MEDIHONEY® Products!

Voice your concerns about proposed coverage and reimbursement Medicare Part B changes to MEDIHONEY® products.

Princeton, New Jersey

The DME Medicare Administrative Contractors [DME MAC] are intending to make surgical dressing policy changes not based on clinical practice, notably proposing to eliminate coverage of surgical dressings with multiple components including MEDIHONEY® dressings. This coverage change is based on the relative weight of honey within the dressing, not based on the clinical merits of the dressing. We believe this makes no sense and will have dramatic negative impact on how you are able to manage your patients' wounds.

Call to Action!

There is a public process which allows clinicians, industry and Associations to offer their opinions and comment on the proposed language. Voice your concern directly to the DME MAC Medical Director about denying access to Medicare Beneficiaries based on a non-clinical, non-scientific metric. All Medicare Part B claims for MEDIHONEY® products will be denied based on this proposed language. If you would like your Medicare Part B patients to maintain access to surgical dressings including MEDIHONEY® dressings, please contact Dr. Eileen Moynihan, the lead DME MAC Medical Director and ask for the arbitrary weight metric to be removed. Below you will find an email template for your consideration.

Please feel free to copy and paste the following content in your email to Dr. Moynihan:

Dear Dr. Moynihan,

I am a practicing clinician who treats Medicare beneficiaries with chronic wounds. I am aware of the proposed Local Coverage Determination [DL#33831] and Policy Article [A54563].

No scientific or clinical published evidence exists to support a conclusion that the relative weight of the components of a surgical dressing has any effect on clinical outcomes. I request you remove the 50% by weight metric from the LCD and Policy Article as there is no justification for it. Clinical decisions concerning the selection of surgical dressings for chronic wounds -- and Medicare coverage -- should be based on the substrate. A clinician's choice of a surgical dressing is not determined by the weight of its components, but rather on its ability to manage the moist wound environment.

Specifically, MEDIHONEY® alginate dressings contain more than 50% by weight honey, yet the dressing still functions as a highly absorbent alginate. Thus, the arbitrary weight metric and subsequent elimination of coverage is not based on evidence or clinical practice. Patient outcomes will be impacted.

Please remove this 50% weight metric requirement from the policy and article.

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You also have the opportunity to participate in person at a public meeting on August 26th, near Baltimore, MD. Registration is required. Register for the event.
We encourage your participation. Please let me know if you are able to attend.

Take a stand and make a difference for your Medicare patients!