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What are the clinical benefits to using SAP technology in moist wound healing dressings?

XTRASORB® Super Absorbent Dressings, with SAP technology, can absorb extremely high levels of wound fluid and maintain their structural integrity. This feature alone helps to increase the amount of wear-time between dressing changes providing less disruption to the wound bed and peri-wound area.

Secondly, once absorbed, XTRASORB®’s Super Absorbent dressings lock the wound fluid in place within the dressing, even under compression, by converting the fluid to a gel. The locking of the wound fluid helps decrease the risk of maceration to the wound bed and keeps harmful components of wound fluid away from the wound and peri-wound areas. These two key features combined help to provide a consistent, well balanced, moist wound environment for healing. Furthermore, with the reduction in the number of dressing changes, there can be a decrease in the overall cost of care (fewer dressings and dressing changes).