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What are the properties in BIOGUARD® dressings that make them effective for infection prevention and control?

BIOGUARD® Barrier Dressing’s active ingredient – PolyDADMAC – is an advanced cationic biocide polymer with a high charge density and high molecular weight, permanently bound to the barrier dressing. Cationic biocides include surface active quaternary ammonium compounds that: attract bacterial cells; bind rapidly to the cellular envelope to physically disrupt the cell wall structures; and causethe membranes to fragment and leak. Due to the large size of the PolyDADMAC and the fact that this active is intrinsically bound to the base dressing, toxicity and the chances of creating of resistant strains is minimized.

Since the active agent is permanently bound to the barrier dressing, there is no leaching and no depletion of the biocide reservoir. This means the active agent within the dressing can never fall below the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC). Only BIOGUARD® Barrier Dressings do not pose this risk.