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What makes BIOGUARD® different to the AMD® line of dressings with PHMB?

The active component within BIOGUARD® is a cationic biocide, PolyDADMAC (poly dialyl dimethyl ammonium chloride). This is in the same compound class as PHMB (poly hexamethylene methyl biguanide), however there are two key differences:

  • PolyDADMAC is intrinsically bound to the base dressing substrate, unlike PHMB, eliminating the risk of leaching away from the dressing. Leaching antimicrobials can delay wound healing and pose resistance issues.
  • PolyDADMAC is significantly larger than PHMB, with a molecular weight of 200,000–250,000 g/mol (PHMB molecular weight = 2,000–4,000 g/mol). The larger the molecule, the lower the chances of creating resistance issues.