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Contract Manufacturing

With fully owned and operated manufacturing facilities in Toronto, Ontario and Nantong, China, Derma Sciences has a broad base of capabilities in producing Advanced Wound Care, Traditional Wound Care and Specialty Fixation and Closure products. Our customers range from multi-billion dollar multi-nationals to smaller companies with revenues less than one million.

The products we produce and package here are of the highest quality. Click here for our Quality Policy or here for our Certifications.

Derma Sciences has been at the forefront of Wound and Skin Care for over 20 years. So, whether your needs are to design and build a product from the ground up, or you are simply looking to lower your cost of goods on products you currently sell, you can be confident that Derma Sciences has the expertise and scale to meet all of your needs.

For inquiries regarding manufacturing, please contact:
Fred Eigner, Executive VP of Operations
Derma Sciences Canada, 104 Shorting Road, Toronto, Canada M1S3S4


Capabilities & Products

Our manufacturing facilities in Toronto and Nantong are fully ISO9001 certified – St. Louis is FDA Registered – and have been rigorously validated by our various partners. With regard to China, we maintain our own QA / Management team which oversees production. Each container of product is inspected throughout the entire process; from manufacturing to loading to shipping.

Combined, our facilities make up over 85,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and 60,000 sq. ft. of warehouse and distribution. Among our assets are a state-of-the-art clean room and the largest steam sterilizer in North America. Additional equipment includes:

  • Blister Packaging (FFS)
  • Pouching (Surgimach/Medkeff))
  • Lid Sealer)
  • Tube Filler
  • Vacuum Sealer (Swiss Vac)
  • Liquid Filler
  • Impregnation (Iodoform/Paste)
  • Prodopac Sachet Filler

These allow us to bring the following capabilities to our customers:

  • Zero-Tension dies cutting of elastic materials
  • Automated, high speed packaging in heat and cold seal materials
  • Bagging
  • 12″ automated form-fill-seal
  • Custom printed pouches and bags used in our automated packaging systems
  • Rotary Die cutting – Up to 10″ wide
  • Automated liquid blending and filling

Dressings Department FFS machine packaged laparotomy sponges, foams (PE, PU, PVC (closed/open), alginates, burn dressings, conforming bandages, circle paper pouch packaged island dressings, gauze dressings (woven and non-woven), other non-wovens, wound closure strips, adhesive double coated tapes, films (PE, PET, PP, PVC, PU), and other specialty dressings
Bandage Department Variety of 100% cotton to PE/Rayon blend conforming bandages and substrates
Non-Adherent Impregnated Dressings Department Petrolatum, Xerofom, Oil Emulsion and other impregnated dressings in gauze, acetate or other substrates
Liquid / Wet-Dressings Department Sterile saline, water, and other wet dressings
Liquid Blending & Filling Department Shampoos, Body Washes, Lotions, Soaps, Ointments, Creams, Hand Sanitizer Gels and other liquid product

Quality Policy

We are committed to providing quality healthcare products that clearly meet the requirements of the world institutional and retail market.

We are dedicated to the principle of total quality in everything we do and to continuous improvement towards that objective. Our approach is to develop and administer processes that prevent procedure deviations, stressing defect prevention rather than defect detection. We are committed to servicing our customers with respect and enthusiasm and to delivering quality products that consistently meet their requirements on time. We will abide by the highest standard of ethics in all of our business dealings in a genuine partnership.

Our products can only be as good as our people. We hire the best people we find, treat them with dignity and respect, and provide an environment in which they can realize their fullest potential and desire for excellence.