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LIMB PRESERVATION: Awaken the wound for proper healing with MEDIHONEY

LIMB PRESERVATION: Awaken the wound for proper healing with MEDIHONEY

Limb Preservation: Awaken the wound for proper healing with MEDIHONEY®

MEDIHONEY® Power Webinar Episode 11: A 30-minute expert review of clinical cases on a specific wound etiology and/or wound care topic.

Princeton, New Jersey

The pathology of a diabetic foot ulcer is complex and if not properly managed places patients at risk for amputation. In the U.S., amputation rates are staggering {80,000/yr}1 and mortality rates associated with amputation are as high as some cancers2.

To preserve limbs from amputation, use of multiple advanced therapies at different phases of wound healing, is often necessary and if the wound is not properly prepared for successful healing, it is difficult to get your patient off that stairway to amputation. MEDIHONEY®, through its multiple mechanisms of action, helps to prepare an optimal wound healing environment that can encourage the wound to successfully accept other advanced therapies such as AMNIOEXCEL®, an Amniotic Allograft Membrane.

Join Dr. Anthony Tickner, DPM, FACCWS, FAPWCA, FAPWH, FADFS, Reconstructive Foot Surgeon and Global Wound Consultant at Saint Vincent Hospital/RestorixHealth Wound Healing Center in Worcester, MA, for a clinical discussion on how MEDIHONEY® has helped Dr. Tickner awaken wounds stuck in vicious, non-healing cycles to work synergistically with other advanced therapies for successful healing.

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