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Managing Skin Tears with MEDIHONEY®

Managing Skin Tears with MEDIHONEY<sup>®</sup>

Managing Skin Tears with MEDIHONEY®: Power Webinar Episode 8

All Shapes, Sizes and Etiologies

Princeton, New Jersey

View the latest MEDIHONEY® Power Webinar by presenter Connie Johnson, MSN, RN, WCC, LLE, OMS, DAPWCA, from the University Medical Center of Princeton, New Jersey, for a 30-minute case review focusing on MEDIHONEY® for the treatment and healing of skin tears.

Skin tears in the acute and long term care facility come in all shapes and sizes. They can be fall related or caused by devices, tape or trauma. In this webinar, we will discuss implementation of a skin tear protocol and review various cases in which MEDIHONEY® dressings were used to promote debridement and healing.

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