These dressings mix with wound exudate to form a soft mass that allows for easy removal while protecting the wound from outside contamination from bacteria, fecal matter or urine. A moist wound environment is created, conducive to wound healing. The foam backing provides and extra layer of cushioning and comfort for patients. Our version of this popular dressing has tapered edges, designed to minimize bunching and rolling up, leading to improved wear times and cost-effectiveness. Use for the management of lightly exuding Pressure Ulcers (Stage I-IV), Diabetic foot ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, other chronic and acute wounds.

Order # Details Quantity
85144 4″x4″ 5/box, 20 boxes/case, 100/case
85166 6″x6″ 5/box, 16 boxes/case, 80/case
85188 8″x8″ 5/box, 16 boxes/case, 80/case