Advancing the GOLD Standard of Care to the Next Generation.

Total Contact Casting is recognized as the GOLD Standard of care in diabetic foot ulcers.1-16

TCC-EZ® offers a one-piece, roll-on, woven design that simplifies the casting while reducing the potential for causing additional tissue damage. The result is now the application process can be completed in under 10 minutes while providing greater patient comfort.

A comparative RCT in DFUs Showed Fast & Effective Healing With TCC1
TCC, 89% healed in 33.5 mean days
Removable Cast/Walker, 65% healed in 50.4 mean days
Half Shoes, 58% healed in 60.1 mean days
Additional clinical studies further support the promotion of healing with TCC, where healing rates & times varied.18-25
Enforced Patient Compliance
TCC-EZ® offers complete, ready-to-go system with all accessories included.

Easy prep, roll and apply process
Takes about ¼ the amount of time of traditional systems17
Ease of application helps to decrease potential of causing tissue damage
Requires minimal training time
Light-weight woven design offers a more comfortable fit

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Why clinicians use TCC-EZ®

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