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Specialty Fixation / Closure

Dynamic Adherence allows fixation and closure devices to stretch and flex like human skin. This provides a significant benefit, since without this feature, as skin moves tension is created at the ends of ordinary fixation and closure devices. This tension can lead to irritation, blistering, or even skin shear. Our premium line features Dynamic Adherence, thus minimizing risk for skin breakdown while providing maximum security and comfort to the patient.

As a result, patients are more comfortable and require fewer unscheduled catheter reintroductions. Healthcare providers appreciate the easy-to-use products that standardize the fastening procedure. Hospitals, nursing homes, and home health agencies recognize the improved quality of care that reflects in lower catheter management costs. The line consists of various sizes and shapes of catheter and tube securement devices:

Our premium and economical line of wound closure strips, Suture Strip® Plus and Suture Strip®, also rely heavily on Dynamic Adherence. From the start, this line gained quick acceptance as a credible and beneficial alternative to the more rigid and less flexible market leading strips. Both strips have flexibility to allow them to elongate and yield to the movement of skin. These compliant wound closure strips approximate the modulus of the skin to distribute the forces evenly and prevent the concentration of forces at the proximal end and minimize the chances of traction blisters.

Suture Strip® Plus and Suture Strip® are ideal for primary wound closure of surface tissue as well as for closure of traumatic wounds such as skin tears. They have also been widely adopted by plastic surgeons, since cosmetic results are of paramount concern. The strips also serve as an excellent bridge between removal of sutures / staples and a fully healed wound.