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Use of Advanced Amniotic Tissue Products

Use of Advanced Amniotic Tissue Products

Use of Clinical Guidelines and Advanced Amniotic Tissue Products

45-minute Amniotic Tissue Webinar presentation

Princeton, New Jersey

The goal of this webinar is to review consensus guidelines and evidence-based medicine in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) and other non-healing wounds. We will discuss the best time to initiate advanced therapeutics and clinical protocol for wound preparation. We will also review the science behind novel amniotic tissue products. The strategies, evidence, and clinical case review discussed in this presentation will help clinic improve their days to heal and could help save limbs and lives.

The Webinar speakers include Lee C. Rogers, DPM, Barry Rosenblum, DPM and Dimitrios Lintzeris, DO. To learn more about Amniotic Tissue Products, please visit Derma Sciences Amniotic Tissue Products.