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XTRASORB® Patient Information/FAQ

What are the key benefits to utilizing XTRASORB® ’s Super Absorbent Dressings over other absorbent dressings on the market?

XTRASORB® Super Absorbent Dressings, with super-absorbent polymer (SAP) technology, outperform other standard moist wound healing dressings on multiple clinical efficacy levels and patient care through:

  • Superior Absorption Capability
  • Novel Fluid Handling Performance
  • Consistent Moisture Management

What is Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) technology?

Super Absorbent Polymer technology is an ionic-based compound which, when it comes in contact with fluid, turns fluid into a gel. Super absorbent polymers can absorb and retain moderate to extremely large amounts of wound fluid relative to its own mass (in 0.9% saline – up to 50x) and lock the fluid in place once absorbed.

What are the clinical benefits to using SAP technology in moist wound healing dressings?

XTRASORB® Super Absorbent Dressings, with SAP technology, can absorb extremely high levels of wound fluid and maintain their structural integrity. This feature alone helps to increase the amount of wear-time between dressing changes providing less disruption to the wound bed and peri-wound area.

Secondly, once absorbed, XTRASORB®’s Super Absorbent dressings lock the wound fluid in place within the dressing, even under compression, by converting the fluid to a gel. The locking of the wound fluid helps decrease the risk of maceration to the wound bed and keeps harmful components of wound fluid away from the wound and peri-wound areas. These two key features combined help to provide a consistent, well balanced, moist wound environment for healing. Furthermore, with the reduction in the number of dressing changes, there can be a decrease in the overall cost of care (fewer dressings and dressing changes).

What XTRASORB dressing formats are available?

XTRASORB® Super Absorbent Dressings are available in a variety of patented dressing configurations and formulations for managing multiple wound types. The XTRASORB® product line provides a full range of 1st line options for clinicians including:

How much fluid can XTRASORB® dressings handle vs. other traditional absorbent dressings?

XTRASORB® Super Absorbent Dressings have been tested and show superior absorption and retention rates over competitive dressings.

What are the most commons usages of XTRASORB® Super Absorbent Technology dressings?

XTRASORB® has shown positive performance on a variety of wound types and etiologies. The most common usages of XTRASORB® dressing are on:

  • Arterial leg ulcers
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Donor sites
  • Leg ulcers of mixed etiology
  • Oncologic wounds
  • Pressure ulcers (I-IV)
  • Traumatic and surgical wounds)
  • Venous stasis leg ulcers
  • 1st and 2nd degree burns

Can XTRASORB® Super Absorbent Dressings be used under compression?

Yes. Because of XTRASORB®’s patented SAP technology, our full line of super absorbent dressings perform and maintain their integrity even under compression, keeping the harmful components of wound fluid locked in place and away from the wound and peri-wound tissue.

How often should the dressings be changed?

XTRASORB® dressing change frequency depends on the condition of the patient as well as the level of wound exudates. XTRASORB® dressings should be reapplied when the dressing has reached its absorbent capacity or as directed by a wound care professional.